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Medieval Musicians

Sounds of Time are able to offer period work in the medieval style. Using authentic instruments and costume. Medieval banquets, park openings, weddings... contact us to discuss your requirements.


• Meet and greet strolling minstrels
• Songs to join in with

• Enjoy a medieval dance or two

The earliest statue of the medieval keyed-fiddle is 1326 and the earliest instrument in existence is dated 1526. Vicki plays four different versions of the keyed fiddle including the 1408 Siennaharpa, the 1526 Moraharpa, the 1700s Kontrabasharpa and the more commonly seen nyckelharpa.

The Cowhorn was used by the Vikings for communication. The earliest surviving instrument dates from around 850. Meet the kohorn.


These are both trumpet based instruments used in Roman times both for war and for ceremonial occasions. Jonny plays the Scottish Deskford version of the Carnyx.

Bagpipes have been found all over Europe during medieval times and were mentioned in the Cantebury Tales (dated 1380).

The Willow flute was an old shepherds instrument made in the spring that only lasted a few weeks whilst the sap was rising in the willow tree.